Julien Wozna is a French Music composer, sound Designer and Music Producer based in Paris, France.

He has a 20 years experience working in Music, studied classical guitar at the conservatory, and graduated from the ESRA/ISTS in Paris.

He founded  Space Dogs Orchestra in 2015, an independent Music recording Studio, working mainly with prestigious brands in the world of fashion, perfume, cosmetics and luxury, such as Thierry Mugler, Azzaro and Estée Lauder.

His DNA is articulated under the influence of various artistic disciplines such as cinema, photography, painting, or graphics.

The image has always been the focal point of his musical creative process.

The collective imagination, the cliché, the memories, the cultural codes are all sources of inspiration made available in the development of his sound works.

Specialized in sound identity, Space Dogs Orchestra offers a complete project study, bringing its expertise and skills to promote the positioning of a brand and its product in a musical universe in a systematic quest for renewal.

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